JNPMEDI signs MOU with SoluM Healthcare for the Development of Cancer Diagnosis Solutions

26 Jan 2024 · 5 minutes read

JNPMEDI, a medical data platform company, announced on the 1st of February that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SoluM Healthcare, a subsidiary of SoluM, for the development and commercialization of sensor-based rapid cancer diagnostic solutions.

JNPMEDI, which provides clinical trial solutions through its Maven Clinical Cloud service, and SoluM Healthcare, possessing core technology for diagnosing major cancers through urine samples, will collaborate on trials and medical device approvals through this MOU.

JNPMEDI will focus on refining algorithms for rapid cancer diagnosis solutions and streamlining approval processes. By leveraging its expertise in medical device approvals and clinical consulting, along with the Maven Clinical Cloud solution developed and operated internally with domestic and international clinical operation experts, JNPMEDI aims to alleviate bottlenecks in the clinical preparation and execution process.

SoluM Healthcare, on the other hand, will prepare for mass production of strip-type diagnostic kits using urine samples and establish a lab for global project execution while enhancing its healthcare network. With the addition of SoluM Healthcare’s global network and its parent company’s manufacturing base, both companies believe they could become game-changers in the cancer diagnostic market.

Kwunho Jeong, CEO of JNPMEDI, stated, “By combining SoluM Healthcare’s core technology with JNPMEDI’s IT capabilities and clinical strategic know-how, we will create successful cases of commercializing early cancer diagnosis technology.” He added, “We will not only be clinical trial partners but also strategic companions, assisting SoluM Healthcare in becoming a truly global leader in biohealthcare.”

Byung-joo Kim, CEO of SoluM Healthcare commented, “JNPMEDI’s extensive experience in clinical trials and approvals will expedite the commercialization of SoluM’s early cancer diagnosis solution.” He further added, “We are diligently establishing research sites for this project and will contribute to popularizing early cancer diagnosis by meticulously following the approval procedures.”


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