JNPMEDI Successfully Wraps up ‘2023 JNPMEDI Connect’

27 Nov 2023 · 7 minutes read

Top domestic and international experts in the field of distributed clinical trials gathered to explore various avenues to promote innovation in the digital healthcare industry.

The ‘2023 JNPMEDI Connect,’ the largest domestic digital clinical trial symposium hosted by medical data platform company JNPMEDI concluded successfully.

The second JNPMEDI Connect, themed ‘Technology-Centric Clinical Trials,’ took place on the 24th at the Grand Ballroom of Seoul’s JW Marriott Hotel. The event attracted industry experts from pharmaceutical companies, biotech ventures, hospitals, and Contract Research Organizations (CROs), shining a spotlight on the discussions.

The symposium comprised four sessions, facilitating diverse discussions on the opportunities and challenges of next-generation clinical trials.

The first session, titles ‘Outlook on 2024 Clinical Trial Policies,’ focused on discussing the current status and future strategies to prepare for upcoming developments in digital clinical trials. Experts stressed the need to establish efficient protocols to save time and resources required for clinical trials.

Director Jaehyun Lee, COS of JNPMEDI, an expert in medicine and law, concluded the first session by succinctly presenting the direction of operational strategies for DCT (Decentralized Clinical Trials) that align with current guidelines.

Director Lee emphasized, “To expand the influence of DCT, which achieves effective clinical trials through a technological approach, a prerequisite is a comprehensive understanding of existing legal frameworks applied in conventional clinical trials.” He further highlighted the need for industry-wide collaboration to devise strategies for ecosystem promotion in areas requiring new guidelines.

The second session engaged in active discussions on ‘Global Strategies for Digital Clinical Trials.’ Experts exchanged various perspectives on global clinical trial cases and reports while delving deeply into the trends in the global market and the challenges faced by DCT.

The subsequent third session focused on ‘Digital Platforms and Innovation in the Clinical Trial Ecosystem.’ Presentations on various technological approaches aiming to foster innovation in the clinical ecosystem, such as the direction of clinical trials, digital platforms, artificial intelligence (AI), and digital healthcare, were shared at this juncture amid the era of significant transformation.

The final session covered the current status of distributed clinical trials in South Korea and showcased patient-centric clinical trial cases. Experts unanimously expressed the need for proactive efforts to invigorate domestic distributed clinical trials in line with the rapidly evolving global landscape.

Kwunho Jeong, CEO of JNPMEDI, expressed “This symposium covered discussions ranging from the regulatory and legal status in the global market to the latest trends and cases of digital solutions, as well as the vision for the next-generation clinical trial ecosystem. I hope that this was an enriching experience for attendees.” He further pledged to continue fostering platforms for industry exchange to drive innovation.


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